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Paul in Singapore.

My dreams have come true. :) The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is coming to Singapore! And Paul with it! *shrieks and prances around madly*

Off the website:

You’ve seen Strictly Dancing... Well, now for something completely different! Strictly Dancing host, Paul McDermott, previously of Good News Week and The Doug Anthony All Stars, fronts comedy super band GUD, with Mick Moriarty (The Gadflys) on guitar and Cameron Bruce (The Polaroids) on keyboards. Joining them on stage, a man once described as "Australia’s fluffiest comedian", Dave Callan, veteran funnyman, Tom Gleeson, rising comedy star, Nick Sun and mother of five, Fiona O’Loughlin who says, "I know five is a lot of children but my husband and I are committed … we’re going to keep trying till we get one we like!"


I have tickets for front row centre. Is that a good idea, or am I going to get picked on again?

Should be interesting to see how they cope with a conservative Asian audience.
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