rebel without a cause (rebelsketcher) wrote in welovepaul,
rebel without a cause

Vote for Girl Who Swallowed Bees for IF Awards

Hi guys,

Not too sure if this is appropriate to place here.  But as a member of the film industry who appreciates and wholeheartedly supports Australian film and animation, I'd like to announce that voting is open now until the 12th September for the IF (Inside Film) Awards.

Basically, a swathe of Australian made films are up for awards and Girl Who Swallowed Bees has been shortlisted in the Animation category.

You may have to register but here's the link:

http// - then click the big button to rate the films.

There are many many good films competing against each other but I figured, "yeah why not?", and wanted to promote Paul's film.  I believe he already won an AFI Award for The Scree?

While I'm here - if anyone happened to have seen Lulu's Opera House, Tarboy, and Poles Apart anywhere in their film festival travels - those were made by my friends and classmates ;D

Thanks all.


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