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The Paul McDermott Appreciation Society's Journal

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4th February 2009

speckymutant6:13pm: Fave Pic
Since its a few days till GNW I thought I'd start a post; whats your fave Paul pic?

Here is mine:

Now playing: Evermore - Running
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10th January 2009

speckymutant4:52pm: My Blog
Hey there is a Paul element to my blog you might like to read: speckymutant.livejournal.com/7484.html

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9th December 2008

speckymutant9:44pm: Fanfiction
Hey does anyone write DAAS/GNW or Paul fan fics?

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4th October 2008

kirithowy11:32am: Paulaholics Anonymous
Hello my name is Kirit and im a paulaholic. it has been under a minute since my last hit on youtube.

*goes back to seat*
(your turn)

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4th September 2008

rebelsketcher11:54pm: Vote for Girl Who Swallowed Bees for IF Awards
Hi guys,

Not too sure if this is appropriate to place here.  But as a member of the film industry who appreciates and wholeheartedly supports Australian film and animation, I'd like to announce that voting is open now until the 12th September for the IF (Inside Film) Awards.

Basically, a swathe of Australian made films are up for awards and Girl Who Swallowed Bees has been shortlisted in the Animation category.

You may have to register but here's the link:

http//:www.ifawards.com - then click the big button to rate the films.

There are many many good films competing against each other but I figured, "yeah why not?", and wanted to promote Paul's film.  I believe he already won an AFI Award for The Scree?

While I'm here - if anyone happened to have seen Lulu's Opera House, Tarboy, and Poles Apart anywhere in their film festival travels - those were made by my friends and classmates ;D

Thanks all.


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22nd December 2007

novahos8:58pm: Travelling back to 1991 DAAS Kapital (updated)
Sorted thankyou!

(Does anyone in Brisbane, or anywhere if they trust posting such a thing, have on VHS or DVD DAAS Kapital.
I've found 3 episodes so far....

I'm happy to compile them to DVD as a repayment for the loan.

Would make my Christmas if anyone happens to have it....


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6th December 2007

randomosity66611:40pm: 2007 AFI Awards
Well I don't know if many of you knew but Mr Paul McDermott was also nominated for an AFI Award for Best Short Animation with 'The Girl Who Swallowed Bees' - Justine Kerrigan & Paul McDermott.
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29th May 2007

criminalkitten9:42am: HALP
Hi everyone, I'm about to x-post this message like crazy, so I'm really sorry if it appears 20934 times on you friends page. Now on with the request...

I really, really, really, really, really, really liked the song that Paul sang at the end of The Side Show this week. Does anyone have an MP3 of it allready that they would be willing to share?

If not can people give me some facts about that song. It's one I've never heard before... Is it a Paul original (doubt it - didn't sound like it)? Or anything else you've got to share on the origins of that song.

Thanking everyone in advance.

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27th December 2006

phorie4:28pm: Dead and Alive
Doug Anthony Allstars
Sale price while stock lasts and ONLINE ONLY

This much-loved, much-missed comedy trio took their name from a hapless conservative politician. The name was an act of irreverent, homespun humour, which is basically what the Allstars were all about. Now long departed, this album is a glorious reminder of the funnymen and their antics, and includes such witty gems as If You’re Happy / Waco, Necro-romancer and Oprah. You can just guess what the Allstars reckon about her ...

Usually $26.99

JB, you've done it again

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14th October 2006

charliequinn5:22pm: Hello :) I hope this isn't against any modly rules - if it is, let me know via comments and I'll delete it ASAP!

Anyway, I thought you guys might be interested as I am selling some of my old DAAS merch - including some really rare and nice looking posters.

The link to all my sales is here: http://search.ebay.com.au/_W0QQsassZimpossible-princessQQhtZ-1

The prices are pretty resonable, and I'd much prefer them to go to someone who really wants them and will enjoy them, rather than some collector who will stick them in a frame and charge $150 each.

Thanks for reading :)

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2nd April 2006

criminalkitten1:19am: Comedy Festival
I've just been looking at the comedy festival guide and I can't see a show from Paul or Gud, does anyone know if he *is* doing one and I've just somehow missed it, or is he skipping it this year?

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12th January 2006

count_nickula11:35am: Heads up - The Scree on SBS (Oz)
On Sat 14th Jan, SBS is showing The Scree, on their shorts series, SOS:

The Scree – Five strange friends set out on an adventure in a tiny boat. They discover a mysterious island. One by one they meet a tragic end as they attempt to flee the island and escape the dreaded Scree. (From Australia, in English) (Rpt) PG

Yay! So, if you missed it, the last time (like me), go nuts :P

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5th November 2005

bright_soldier5:08pm: gud tonight
Is anyone else going to see GUD at seagulls tonight? I cant wait! If anyone reads this before they go, im the girl with the pink hair!
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19th July 2005

lucy_ani7:10pm: Some stuff
Hey everyone, got a few things, I should make more after my eye gets better *facepalm*
EnjoyCollapse )

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23rd June 2005

journette11:58pm: Paul in Singapore, Part II.
And I'm back. Still stewing but never mind. Little account of GUD's Singapore appearance, FYI.

GUD is the finale to the MICF Roadshow, and tonight was the first night. GUD was on for less than half an hour, I think, so we had a condensed version- they did the Your Jeans Are Too Tight song (hahaha that was funny), one about doing a new kiddy show to rival Hi-5 and the Wiggles, and two others (sorry, I should remember this but... argh... oh yes, one included the Sign of the Cross, I couldn't hear, I was laughing quite hard). I was right, it was a sanitized performance, and while some of the original jokes were left in, some were self-censored, and the cruder and more in-your-face ones were taken out completely. There was no hugging, but Paul did jump off the stage to shake hands with about four people, including self (as could hardly avoid self, sitting close enough to put feet up on stage).

In their defense, the comedians were apparently issued a memo telling them what they could and couldn't cover- I am DYING to see this memo, but I have no idea which department it came from- including, apparently, "no jokes about the Singapore Government"- to which one of the other comedians deadpanned, "that's ok, because I HAVE no jokes about the Singapore government". ;D yeah. We HAVE no sense of humour, you see.

Dave Callan hosted it, and he was just really really hilarious. Nick Sun was ok, clearly uncomfortable, but I think he just needs a bit more practice and some mental organisation. But Tom Gleeson and Fiona O'Loughlin were just rip-roaring funny. I was hoarse from laughing after the show and really tired.

I think they all went for drinks after but as I'm a square un-pubby, un-clubby person, I just waited in the foyer for GUD. I was too shy to approach Cameron and Mick (yes, I'm very Asian that way- I don't like to intrude), but I gathered just enough courage to ask Paul to sign my book, and we just had a little chat while we was signing it.

OH! And they had GUD CDs and mug-holders! :) Hehe. I bought a GUD CD. They were S$10. I suppose they left out the GUD knickers to avoid offending any prudish sensibilities.

But we HAVE become a lot less prudish as an Asian nation now- we're more global and a lot of people have come back from studying overseas with broader minds- and I think some comedians might still be over-reacting to the perceived stereotypes. :) Or just very cautiously avoiding defamation suits. ;p
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journette11:31pm: I. Am. Going. To. KILL. Myself.
I had my friggin' camera with me but lost my head that Paul was having a conversation with me and signing my copy of The Scree, that I forgot to GET A PICTURE!


See, Naomi and Paula, there was no squealing, but the molecules in my head just split apart and are still slowly coming back together now.


They are here for two more nights. Do I be creepy and go back for a picture after like one of these shows, or just leave it? Will I regret it forever if I don't?

I'll update later on what actually transpired. Am still stewing at myself. Excuse me. I need to go self-flagellate.

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13th June 2005

journette10:54pm: Paul in Singapore.
My dreams have come true. :) The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is coming to Singapore! And Paul with it! *shrieks and prances around madly*

Off the website:

You’ve seen Strictly Dancing... Well, now for something completely different! Strictly Dancing host, Paul McDermott, previously of Good News Week and The Doug Anthony All Stars, fronts comedy super band GUD, with Mick Moriarty (The Gadflys) on guitar and Cameron Bruce (The Polaroids) on keyboards. Joining them on stage, a man once described as "Australia’s fluffiest comedian", Dave Callan, veteran funnyman, Tom Gleeson, rising comedy star, Nick Sun and mother of five, Fiona O’Loughlin who says, "I know five is a lot of children but my husband and I are committed … we’re going to keep trying till we get one we like!"


I have tickets for front row centre. Is that a good idea, or am I going to get picked on again?

Should be interesting to see how they cope with a conservative Asian audience.
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12th June 2005

criminalkitten3:01pm: A quick request
Does anyone have, or can anyone obtain for me a screen cap of Paul in Cruel Youth? The geekier he is looking the better.

Please feel free to use this post as a chance to respond, not only with the answer, but also to post random Paul and DAAS rantings. But please, no fighting.

Or if not Cruel Youth, how about from The Edinburgh Years where he is wearing his glasses? Thanks in advance
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24th April 2005

_plethora_11:43pm: Join random_media today. It's great, I promise.
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21st April 2005

journette5:26pm: Video taping of last episode
Ok, if anyone's got a video taping of the last ep of GNW, which you can dub or are willing to sell to me, please email me at:

littlejournalist at yahoo dot com

Thanks eternally.

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18th April 2005

journette7:00pm: The last episode of GNW?
Hi, sorry to interrupt all the Comedy Fest talk - but I've just been watching this group. Am (of course) a Paul fan of 10 years, but I left Australia a couple of months before the last episode ever of GNW went to air. Does anyone have a copy to spare me (will pay, plus international postage), preferably on DVD/VCD (video tapes tend to get intercepted by the Singapore censorship board more frequently than discs), or knows where I could download it?

Thanks heaps!

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6th April 2005

count_nickula12:52am: GUD in Love GUD!

Wakey wakey!

Some pix from their 19th Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Love GUD.

Paul chatted up my mum...Collapse )

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9th August 2004

bonniebunny5:57pm: Hello
Hey everyone,

im a newbie, just wondering if anyones got or knows where i can get paul singing Shivers....

Loved paul for years and years, hes awesome :D
Current Mood: chipper

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