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Good News Week Video

Hi, not sure if requests are entirely kosher, but am desperate so just thought I'd give it a try...

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a copy of the GNW video Unseen and Obscene? I know it came out ages ago, that's why I'm clueless as to where to find it....

Any help is appreciated!

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someone's usually selling a copy on ebay, they pop up fairly often.

also a lot of video shops sell their videos these days, my friend got herself a copy this way.
cool, thanks :D
I bought mine at an ABC bookshop and store....check them out first I'd say. They'd probably also have the GNW Cd's and most likely some DAAS as well.

You might need to ask at the desk and get them to order it in for you.
cool, thanks :)

do you think they might have some DAAS Kapital still?
daas kap is like super super hard to find anywhere now unless u find someone willing to make copies of them.