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Paul in Singapore, Part II.

And I'm back. Still stewing but never mind. Little account of GUD's Singapore appearance, FYI.

GUD is the finale to the MICF Roadshow, and tonight was the first night. GUD was on for less than half an hour, I think, so we had a condensed version- they did the Your Jeans Are Too Tight song (hahaha that was funny), one about doing a new kiddy show to rival Hi-5 and the Wiggles, and two others (sorry, I should remember this but... argh... oh yes, one included the Sign of the Cross, I couldn't hear, I was laughing quite hard). I was right, it was a sanitized performance, and while some of the original jokes were left in, some were self-censored, and the cruder and more in-your-face ones were taken out completely. There was no hugging, but Paul did jump off the stage to shake hands with about four people, including self (as could hardly avoid self, sitting close enough to put feet up on stage).

In their defense, the comedians were apparently issued a memo telling them what they could and couldn't cover- I am DYING to see this memo, but I have no idea which department it came from- including, apparently, "no jokes about the Singapore Government"- to which one of the other comedians deadpanned, "that's ok, because I HAVE no jokes about the Singapore government". ;D yeah. We HAVE no sense of humour, you see.

Dave Callan hosted it, and he was just really really hilarious. Nick Sun was ok, clearly uncomfortable, but I think he just needs a bit more practice and some mental organisation. But Tom Gleeson and Fiona O'Loughlin were just rip-roaring funny. I was hoarse from laughing after the show and really tired.

I think they all went for drinks after but as I'm a square un-pubby, un-clubby person, I just waited in the foyer for GUD. I was too shy to approach Cameron and Mick (yes, I'm very Asian that way- I don't like to intrude), but I gathered just enough courage to ask Paul to sign my book, and we just had a little chat while we was signing it.

OH! And they had GUD CDs and mug-holders! :) Hehe. I bought a GUD CD. They were S$10. I suppose they left out the GUD knickers to avoid offending any prudish sensibilities.

But we HAVE become a lot less prudish as an Asian nation now- we're more global and a lot of people have come back from studying overseas with broader minds- and I think some comedians might still be over-reacting to the perceived stereotypes. :) Or just very cautiously avoiding defamation suits. ;p
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