Naomi (ryttu3k) wrote in welovepaul,

Save the Sideshow!

As some of you may or may not know, The Sideshow is facing cancellation at the end of this year.

Many may not know this, but both Good News Week and The Glass House faced a similar threat at the end of their first years. What saved them was... complaints from the fans. So there IS something you can do to save the show!

First, you can go to the ABC contact form and issue a complaint. Make sure to note that you want a reply, that it's a complaint and that the show in question is The Sideshow.

Second, you can sign the petition. It only takes a minute. The more numbers the better - spread this far and wide!

Third, the ABC switchboard is at (02) 8333 1500. From there, you can ask to be transferred to Complaints, or Consumer Affairs. You can also ask to speak to Programming (under Television). If you feel like going up high, the Executive Producer on The Sideshow for the ABC's side is Megan Harding, and the head of ABC TV is Kim Dalton.

And finally, you can join gnw_tv_fans - the more members, the better, and the stronger the signal to the ABC.

Good luck!

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