Naomi (ryttu3k) wrote in welovepaul,

Heads up!

(Don't judge me, this is my only Paul icon!)

Hello, everyone! A bit of a heads up - I went to the first proper taping of The Sideshow tonight - it's absolutely brilliant. Keep an eye out for it! Saturday night, ABC, 7:30. Guests include Tripod, Evermore, That One Guy, Flacco, Claire Hooper and the Kransky Sisters, plus Cameron Bruce (formerly of GUD) on the keyboards. Highly recommended!

(And now a request - I'm leaving for Melbourne in the morning for the rest of the Comedy Festival, so I'll miss the first two episodes *tear* Can some absolutely lovely person maybe tape both episodes - and, if possible, Wednesday's Spicks & Specks and The Chaser? Will love you forever if you do!)
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